Social Branding and Coaching

$ 497 per month
  • Branding is a 3 month process involving getting your business social media configuration ready for optimization and monetization.

  • Coaching is a monthly process that focuses on finding solutions for your businesses immediate problems with marketing campaigns

Content Filming

$ 250 per hour
  • Have us capture your events content and create stunning video's that you can use for your marketing and branding purposes
  • We come to you, no job too small

WiFi Marketing

$ 997 setup fee
  • Every brick and mortar business will benefit greatly from our WiFi marketing campaigns that are geared towards building your customer loyalty base.

  • This can also work for mobile caterers, mobile food units such as food trucks and trailers, food carts and a variety of other food popups

Social Media Setup

$ 250 per page
  • We will configure each one of your business social media accounts to be optimized to the latest standards in which they need to run efficiently